Our Products

Our Products

We are exporting different types of herbal cosmetics, which are 100 % natural, effective and safe. As these compositions are free from any type of chemicals, there is not even a single incident reported regarding side effects. Developed according to the latest market needs, we emphasize most on the selection of the right type of raw materials and herbs to develop the herbal hair products, herbal hair color products, henna hair dyes, natural henna dyes, Black Henna Hair color dyes, Black Henna Hair color hair dyes, etc. Using the latest packaging technologies and materials, we pack our products in the safest possible ways while adhering the various medicinal norms for packaging. The range of products includes the following herbal products:

Hair Care Manufacturers Get Best Price

With an extremely busy schedule, and optimal exposure to Sunlight, Pollution, and Hazardous synthesizers, it's crucial to safeguard hair follicles. The curbed hair strands are believed to never get recovered and are not liable to get restrained.

Henna Cones/Tube Manufacturers Get Best Price

The henna cones of Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar are made with 100% natural fine henna mixed with essential natural oils. Our completely natural henna cones give a perfect look to your hands and legs in just some hours.

Chandni Nail Henna Manufacturers Get Best Price

Nail henna, also known as the herbal nail polish allows you to decorate your nails with a variety of colors. Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar ensures you that there are no chemicals added and is a 100% natural product.

Henna Powder Manufacturers Get Best Price

In India, Henna has been in use for a very long time. In the local language, henna is known as Mehendi which is applied to the skin and hair for various purposes.

GP Hair Care Kontes Henna Manufacturers Get Best Price

Brittle and frizzy hair are the most common symptoms of damaged hair which elevate the chances of hair loss. To safeguard your hair from external damage of pollution and UV rays, Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar has brought to you GP hair care kontes in the form of henna.

Hair Oil Manufacturers Get Best Price

When thinking about hair care the first thing that crosses our mind is Hair oil. To retain the moisture and resilience to roots of the hair, hair oil is prime, and the most convenient solution.

100% Natural Hair Color Manufacturers Get Best Price

Do you love colored hairs, But the fear of chemicals has always restricted you from applying and experimenting with new looks? Then you are at the right place, Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar provides 100% natural and organic hair color which is produced using botanical ingredients and made with natural methods without pesticides or fertilizers.

Senna Leaves Manufacturers Get Best Price

The prolonged exposure of hair and scalp to pollution, and sunlight withers down the hair to great extent. This results in hair fall, dry, rough, and frizzy hair. To resolve this issue naturally the use of Senna leaves and its extracts are recommended.

Senna Pods Manufacturers Get Best Price

Senna is a natural condiment, exists in the distinct flowering lineage of Cassia plants. Senna pods are consumed as the natural hair conditioner and hair growth inducer.

Indigo Powder Manufacturers Get Best Price

Hairs empower the natural beauty of a person. Want to have amazingly beautiful natural black hair? We have the perfect yet natural solution for you and your grey hair!

Incense Stick Manufacturers Get Best Price

GP Henna is amongst the top global leaders in the manufacturing and exporting of perfumed Agarbattis. We are the leading Agarbatti manufacturer in India for a decade.