100% Natural Hair Color

100% Natural Hair Color

Color your hair with 100% natural hair color!

Do you love colored hairs, But the fear of chemicals has always restricted you from applying and experimenting with new looks? Then you are at the right place, Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar provides 100% natural and organic hair color which is produced using botanical ingredients and made with natural methods without pesticides or fertilizers.

Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar manufactures natural coloring options with pure benefits and less chemical presence. The company ensures professional quality hair color which is free from parabens and toxic elements like sulfates. Our hair color has the lowest PPD level amongst other suppliers. Our hair color will not lead to an allergic reaction. By using our hair color you will get a deep natural-looking color.

Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar is the leading exporter, manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of 100% natural hair color in the market. Our company also provides herbal cosmetics products which will always make your hair bouncy and soft.

Natural Burgundy Hair Color Manufacturers Get Best Price

Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar is the best supplier of natural burgundy hair color. It solves the problem of hair dandruff, hair loss, and itchy scalp. A person who is hypoallergenic can also choose to apply our burgundy hair color.

Natural Dark Brown Hair Color Manufacturers Get Best Price

Ganga Prasad Puneet Kumar provides safer and natural hair color as compared to other brands of chemically loaded hair color. Our dark brown hair color act as a naturally extracted conditioner that conditions your hair.